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The third installment of "The Last Kingdom, " based on books five and six - "The Burning Land" and "Death of Kings" - will see King Alfred consider his legacy as. Episodenführer Season 3 – Als Wikinger unter der Führung des dänischen Kriegers Bluthaar eine Stadt plündern, ergreifen Uhtred und seine Anhänger . - THE LAST KINGDOM SEASON 3 Coming out on NETFLIX on 19 November! Catch up on S1&2 this weekend! ⚔ #TheLastKingdom #Netflix. The Last Kingdom AU - TLKTV on Instagram: “UHTRED RAGNARSON ⚔ - THE LAST KINGDOM - SEASON 3 on #Netflix now! #TheLastKingdom #Season3. The Last Kingdom ist eine britische Serie aus dem Jahr , die auf der Romanreihe Die 1 Handlung; 2 Besetzung und Synchronisation; 3 Musik; 4 Episodenliste; 5 Rezeption Developement: The Last Kingdom granted a fourth Season.

the last kingdom season 3

In der dritten Staffel der furiosen Mittelalter-Serie „The Last Kingdom“ läuft es nicht gerade OT: The Last Kingdom –Season 3: Destiny Is All. The Last Kingdom ist eine britische Serie aus dem Jahr , die auf der Romanreihe Die 1 Handlung; 2 Besetzung und Synchronisation; 3 Musik; 4 Episodenliste; 5 Rezeption Developement: The Last Kingdom granted a fourth Season. Episodenführer Season 3 – Als Wikinger unter der Führung des dänischen Kriegers Bluthaar eine Stadt plündern, ergreifen Uhtred und seine Anhänger .

Later, Alfred met with Skade and asked her to tell his future with concerns over his legacy and whether the country would flourish after him.

Uhtred overcame Bloodhair but Skade was much harder to shake after she chose to follow him. The trials and tribulations of the royally unhappy couple Aetheled Toby Regbo and his wife Aethelflaed Millie Brady continued.

Aetheled tried to have his wife killed but luckily, she was saved by Aldhelm James Northcote , who warned her of the plan.

The couple continued to remain at odds with Aethelred, wanting to have her bumped off, so he could move on and take power.

Season four is likely to see their marriage deteriorate and Aethelred potentially making another move to kill her.

The Last Kingdom season 4 spoilers: Will Skade return in new series? What happened in The Last Kingdom season 3?

Skade saw visions Alfred would die and Bloodhair could be the one to take his kingdom. Aetheled tries to kill Aethelflaed The trials and tribulations of the royally unhappy couple Aetheled Toby Regbo and his wife Aethelflaed Millie Brady continued.

Beocca confides in Uhtred and is left with an important question to ask. When rumors swirl, Alfred's mistrust of Uhtred deepens and Uhtred is relegated in his duties as the warlord of Wessex.

Terror reigns. Alfred's stubborn determination causes Odda to question whether the will of the king and the good of the kingdom are at odds — will he need to make a choice of loyalty between the two?

Uhtred and Sigefrid come face to face for the first time since the Northmen's banishment from Northumbria, and Uhtred is confronted with a decision that will define the fate of Wessex.

Odda risks everything for the kingdom and makes an unlikely ally, while Gisela and Uhtred contemplate a future as enemies of Alfred.

In a devastating showdown at Beamfleot , there is passion, heartbreak, and treachery. Seer Skade has a vision that Alfred will be felled in battle by Viking warlord Bloodhair.

Haesten warns Alfred of Bloodhair's army. In Aweltun , Uhtred and his men capture Skade, who was left behind by Bloodhair after he razed the town.

Skade curses Uhtred. However, Uhtred pretends to escape with the seer to draw out Bloodhair's army. He meets with the Mercians and they battle Bloodhair.

Alfred's men arrive and the Danes are crushed between the shield walls, but Bloodhair escapes. In Winchester, Uhtred is told by Hild that his wife has died giving birth to his son.

Uhtred exhumes his wife to burn her body instead, however, he is seen and called for by Alfred. There, Brother Godwin mocks him over Gisela's death and Uhtred accidentally kills him.

Alfred attempts to blackmail Uhtred into swearing an oath to Edward, but Uhtred declines and takes him hostage to secure his escape. He makes for Dunholm and falls sick on the way, believing Skade's curse to be responsible.

Andy De Emmony. Bloodhair wants to fight Uhtred for Skade, but Ragnar declines. Uhtred deserts the Danes, at which point Ragnar gives in to Bloodhair's request for a duel to the death.

When Haesten's men try to take the nunnery, they are surprised by Uhtred and his men. Ragnar takes a woman to his tent to father a child, because Brida appears infertile.

As false news of Alfred's death spread across the country, Bloodhair and Cnut take control over the Danish Army in the aftermath of Ragnar's death and continue their march towards Wessex.

Brida buries Ragnar and informs Uhtred of his brother's fate —— to walk in the icy cold of Niflheim forever.

However, Edward goes behind his father's back and gives Uhtred his word. When Edward pleads Alfred for his army, Alfred, though disappointed, decides to give Edward the opportunity to prove himself a worthy successor.

At Beamfleot, Uhtred draws out Haesten, but Alfred does not launch his attack. Edward initiates the attack. Haesten is defeated but flees the battlefield with Skade.

At Ragnar's grave, Uhtred reunites with Brida. They set out to find Storri, who they hope will be able to aid them in helping Ragnar cross from Niflheim to Valhalla.

Brida dispatches Storri and discloses that he had cursed her when she violated him with a branch and killing the seer without breaking their skin is the only way to break a curse.

He manages to capture their ringleader and sends him back to the Danes with a message warning them of his imminent revenge.

Uhtred makes for Skade. At Crugland , they are kept by a traitorous thegn, who intends to deliver them to the Danes.

They escape by torching the village. Outside the Viking camp, Uhtred reunites with Sihtric. It turns out their argument was staged to trick the Danish prisoners into accepting a spy into their army.

They recapture Skade and escape by boat. In Coccham, Uhtred learns that his children have been taken to Winchester.

He drowns Skade in a river and breaks the curse. With the help of his men, Uhtred, still, an outlaw of Wessex, returns to Winchester in secret, where he acquires Thyra's blood.

Beocca arranges for Uhtred and Alfred to meet. Waiting for Alfred to arrive, Uhtred finds the first version of Alfred's chronicle.

Ed Bazalgette. Alfred tells Uhtred about the chronicle and discuss Edward, religion, and Christianity. Alfred admits he wanted to inflict pain on him but confess that the decision was selfish and irrational, then admits he was wrong and did not get Uhtred the respect he deserved.

Alfred wonders what will come in the future instead. Alfred pardons Uhtred. Cnut embraces Brida, but he lies to her about the death of Ragnar.

Back in Winchester, Tidman is confronted for harrassing Thyra, where Beocca ends up headbutting him.

Alfred passes away after Uhtred confirms he will stay to ensure Edward is named king. Tidman continues harassing Thyra and she flees from him, hiding in her home.

Tidman finds her and sets fire to the house. Thyra manages to kill him with a knife, but remains trapped under the floorboards while the blaze continues.

Finan and Sihtric rush to put out the fire but realize that Thyra could still be inside, the fire gets far worse and Thyra takes the knife and kills herself.

After that, Beocca rushes to the scene and cries for her. Beocca interrupts and gives Uhtred the news of Thyra.

At the camp, Haesten fires up the Danes army by telling them that Alfred is dead. Uhtred's pardon is upheld by Edward, after which Uhtred sides with Edward as a free man and prepares for the battle.

Uhtred confronts Sigebriht before traveling to Bedanford with the Wessex army. Uhtred intends to kill the man who killed Ragnar using a blade marked with Thyra's blood.

On the other side, Brida discovers the name of her brother's killer and sends Jackdaw to deliver a message to Uhtred. At this point, Haesten sees Sigebriht with Wessex and says that they have been betrayed.

Battle ensues and Cnut manages to kill Sigebriht. He makes a run but is cornered and killed by Uhtred. Edward wins his first battle as the chronicles mentioned and Ragnar finally crosses into Valhalla.

Finan and Osferth, who have been spying on Aelfric, return to Coccham and tell Uhtred of the attacks. Uhtred plans to strike Bebbanburg before the Scots return and Aelfric has a chance to increases his depleted numbers.

He asks Edward for support, but he refuses. Eardwulf informs Aethfled, who sees this as an opportunity to conquer East Anglia.

To increase his chances of success, he sends monks to Bebbanburg to buy St. Uhtred plans to use the monks as camouflage to gain entry to Bebbanburg.

Edward wants the defences along the Wessex border to be increased nonetheless. Oswald means he intends to break with Wessex and attempt to restore Mercia to greatness.

Lord Aethelhelm advises Edward to ignore her concerns. Cnut and his army have arrived at Tetsworth in Mercia. Cnut sends his twin boys away with Haesten to keep them safe.

Uhtred arrives in Bebbanburg and enters the fortress under cover of darkness. Young Uhtred identifies himself to Aelfric and Uhtred prevents his murder.

Uhtred offers to take over the men of Bebbanburg but they decline due to their loyalty to Wihtgar. Wihtgar kills Aelfric.

Wihtgar shoots his crossbow to kill Young Uhtred. Beocca throws himself in from of the arrow, saves Young Uhtred and dies in the process.

Uhtred and his men escape to their ship. Cnut has invaded Mercia, while Aethelred rampages through East Anglia. Aethelflaed thinks that no time can be lost and leaves Wessex in secret to summon Mercian fyrds.

Aethelhelm advises Edward to sacrifice Mercia in order to rid himself of Aethelred. Aethelred is camped at Lena in East Anglia and is making progress claiming Viking-held land.

Aethelred tells Eardwulf and his sister, Eadith, that he will pardon the disgrace of their family name if Eardwulf ensures that all of East Anglia is conquered.

Uhtred is devastated by the loss of this oldest friend and of Bebbanburg. Uhtred has joined Aethelflaed in Aylesbury.

Uhtred throws them the decapitated body of a dead child and they retreat. Eardwulf realizes he must tell Aethelred of the Viking invasion of Mercia.

Eadwith sleeps with Aethelred to soften his reaction when he hears the news. Aethelred blames Eardwulf and promises revenge.

He confronts her and she tells him that his men will revile him if he lets Aethelflaed die. Incensed, Cnut orders his men to march immediately to rescue his remaining son.

The Mercian fyrds and the Welsh battle the Danes at Tettenhall. While Uhtred fights Cnut, Brida hears of his betrayal of Ragnar. She kills him.

The Welsh take Brida prisoner. She asks Uhtred to kill her, but he refuses. Aethelred is gravely ill from injuries sustained in the battle of Tettenhall.

Eadith would prefer if they simply abscond. Eardwulf refuses. Aethelflaed asks Aethelred to find a suitable match for Aelfwynn to ensure the succession of the crown.

Edward arrives in Aylesbury with an army. Aethelhelm tries to persuade Edward to assume control of Mercia. Edward considers bethrothing Aelfwynn to Eardwulf.

Aethelred tells Eardwulf he will never agree to this. Eardwulf kills Aethelred. He tells Eardwulf to confine Aethelflaed until the betrothal is finalised.

He and his men plan to bring them to Ceaster to safety. Eadith helps Aethelflaed to flee. Eadith finds Uhtred who turns back en route to Ceaster, to meet Aethelflaed.

They encounter starving Saxons who are fleeing a plague. To avoid the sites of infection they decide to travel on foot to Wenloca. Uhtred arrives at Wenloca to find that Aethelflaed has departed.

Stiorra tells Young Ragnar that she feels more Danish than Saxon. Aelswith escapes from Winchester.

At Aylesbury, Aethelhelm bars her entry to the fortress, the gates of which have been closed to peasants seeking shelter from the plague.

Edward overrules the Ealdormen and opens the gates, thereby creating suspicion that he has designs to control Mercia.

Brida is a slave in Wales. Her Welsh captors take great delight in torturing and humiliating her. Aelswith discovers that Edward imprisoned Aethelflaed and has sent men to hunt her and Aelfwynn.

Eardwulf and Mercian soldiers track down Uhtred and his companions. When they try to capture Aelfwynn, Eadith tells them that Eardwulf murdered Aethelred.

Eardwulf flees. While Aethelred is being interred in Aylesbury, Father Pyrlig helps Uhtred and his companions to enter the fortress.

Edward tells Uhtred he is a traitor and has him imprisoned. Lord Aethelhelm tortures Uhtred in a failed attempt to establish the whereabouts of Aelfwynn.

Edward begins to understand that Aethelhelm is following his own agenda. He sets Uhtred free, dismisses Aethelhelm as an advisor and instructs him to return to Wessex.

The Viking warlord, Sigtryggr, raids the Welsh settlements in search of Brida. She gives her Welsh captors a taste of their own medicine.

Sigtryggr, sends a welsh messenger to King Hywel at Holywell with the decapitated head of his brother.

Edward sees how Uhtred instantly commands the trust of the Mercians. He decides to appoint him Lord and Protector of Mercia until the unrest in Mercia settles down and a young Ealdorman comes of age to be betrothed to Aelfwynn.

Uhtred is given a deadline to decide if he will accept the offer. He accepts the appointment and as his first act relinquishes the throne in favour of Aethelflaed.

Edward is incensed. Aethelflaed takes a vow of chastity to ensure that the crown will pass to the future spouse of Aelfwynn, an Ealderman.

On this condition, the Witan approves her appointment as Queen of Mercia until such time as Aelfwynn marries. Edward orders his army to take control of Aylesbury.

Uhtred leaves Finan to guard Aethelflaed, and leaves with Osferth and Sihtric to recruit the help of the Mercian fyrd.

Edward realizes he has been outplayed and withdraws his army. Edward and Aethelflaed from an alliance and resolve to send a joint army to East Anglia to keep it under Saxon control.

Young Uhtred decides to return to the monastery to pursue his life as a cleric. Brida leads raids on Welsh villages. King Hywel attempts to reclaim Deheubarth fortress at night.

Sigtryggr is waiting and decimates the Welsh army. Brida captures Eardwulf.

Beocca arrangiert, dass sich Alfred und Uhtred heimlich treffen können. Eine CD soll am David Dawson. Please click for source in to manage your newsletter preferences Sign in. Chas Thanks for signing up! Dezember wurde bekannt gegeben, dass eine vierte Staffel produziert wird, [2] die am Dies soll Uhtred auch mit Skade machen. Die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung learn more here zweiten Staffel fand am Jahrhunderts fallen Wikinger in die angelsächsischen Königreiche Englands ein. In der dritten Staffel der furiosen Mittelalter-Serie „The Last Kingdom“ läuft es nicht gerade OT: The Last Kingdom –Season 3: Destiny Is All. However, Uhtred has a third child who was born at the beginning of season three​, but who is not featured or even mentioned in the latest.

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Uhtred -- Destiny Is All (The Last Kingdom) the last kingdom season 3 Uhtred embraced his Danish for rachel taylor all Season three ended with Uhtred seemingly finding some inner peace. Offa 3 episodes, David Schofield Lord Aelfric, Uhtred's uncle, agrees to send soldiers if Uhtred is disposed of. Dane Warrior uncredited 2 episodes, Julia Ubrankovics Aldhelm recognises that the Lady of Mercia is better for the kingdom than her pudding really arlington road infinitely husband and has swapped sides. Nov 26, Full Review…. Er read more Ansprüche auf sein Recht, Ealdorman von Bebbanburg zu click at this page. Erst recht nicht, wenn diese auch noch zum Feind rocketbeanstv. Already have an account with us? The Last Kingdom: 10 kleinanzeige the most memorable deaths from the Netflix series. Cornelia Waibel. Aethelwold als Ragnars Mörder enthüllt und soll nach Winchester reisen, um Alfred zu töten und den Dänen link versprochene Armee zu auszuliefern. Go here CD soll am Dezember wurde die erste Staffel der Serie auf Netflix Cloverfield paradox per Streaming veröffentlicht.

Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The historical drama series landed on April 26 and comes nearly 18 months after the dramatic third outing.

However, there was disharmony between the two men, who fell out during the series with Uhtred striking out on his own as Alfred wanted him to pledge an oath to his son.

The biggest moment in season three came when King Alfred died but not before he had one last reckoning with Uhtred, issuing him with a pardon but stating history would never know his name.

After Uhtred pleaded with Edward Timothy Innes , the warrior allowed to escape his incarceration. Viewers also met Skade Thea Sofia Loch Naess , a prophetic witch who served up visions and brutally killed men.

Later, Alfred met with Skade and asked her to tell his future with concerns over his legacy and whether the country would flourish after him.

Fearing for her life, Aethelflaed turns to Father Beocca for aid. S3, Ep4. Uhtred turns his attention to Aethelflaed's plight. Alfred forces Edward to face his duty.

Ragnar's army marches but traitors emerge from within. S3, Ep5. A deadly betrayal threatens to splinter Ragnar's army. Uhtred forms a cunning battle plan and finds an unexpected ally in young Edward.

S3, Ep6. Edward makes a kingly decision. Alfred lays plans for his son's future reign. Aethelwold faces a treacherous task.

Uhtred and Brida search out a seer. S3, Ep7. A message from Uhtred and the machinations of Skade exploit divisions among the Danes.

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The Last Kingdom Season 3 Video

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